Ready programme building

By considering the new syllabus as per Vth Dean Committee Recommendations, College created separate building for READY programme. In this building following labs are established.

a) Bio-control lab: It is established for mass production of  Bio-agents & Bio-pesticides  & also for SRP-ENTO-406.

b) Soil and water testing lab: – It is also established for soil & water testing of samples received from farmers as well as samples from Department of Agriculture, M.S. under soil health card scheme. This lab is also used for experiential learning module SRP-SSAC-405.

c) Seed technology lab: – Our College also going to establish soon seed testing and processing lab on small scale and this lab is used for seed testing & processing of seed production produce on college farm and also will be used for experiential learning module SRP-BOT-401.

d) Cattle and poultry farm: SRP-AHDS-409 -Poultry production

e) SRP-AGRO-4014 -Commercial production of organic manures and marketing

f) SRP-PATH-406- Mushroom cultivation technology

g) SRP-HORT-4011- Nursery management of horticultural crops

Student Ready Programme

– Selection of SRP based on following criterions

a) Developing confidence, competence skill & make students “Job creator” rather than “Job seeker”.

b) Fully utilization of all infrastructure facilities available with college.

c) By considering the needs & problems of farming community of this area.

d) Most important is that all modules become income generating units for such non –grant affiliated colleges for self reliance and economic stability.

No. of students registered under different Student Ready Programme and Experiential Learning Modules during Sem. VIII

Module No. Module Title No. of Students registered in 2017-18 No. of Students registered in 2018-19 No. of Students registered in 2019-20
AEL-SSAC-486 Soil and Water Clinic 22 23 20
AEL-HORT-486 Vegetable Production 22 22 20
AEL-AGRO-4813 Seed Production of Field Crops and Processing 21 23 21
AEL-ENTO-487 Mass Production of Bio-agents and Bio-pesticides 21 22 21
AEL-HORT-487 Nursery Management of Horticultural Crops. 21 23 19
AEL-ENGG-486 Farm Mechanization 00 00 12
AEL- PATH-486 Mushroom Production 00 00 12
Total 107 113 125

Cluster No. Module No. Module Title No. of Students registered in 2020-21
1 SRP-AGRO-4014 Commercial production of organic manures and marketing 09
SRP-ENTO-406 Mass production of bio-agents and bio-pesticides 09
2 SRP-HORT-4012 Commercial vegetable production 09
SRP-BOT-401 Seed production and technology 09
3 SRP-AHDS-409 Poultry production 07
SRP-ENTO-407 Commercial bee keeping 07
4 SRP-HORT-4011 Nursery management of horticultural crops 09
SRP-PATH-406 Mushroom cultivation technology 09
5 SRP-SSAC-405 Soil and water, plant and fertilizer analysis 09
SRP-PATH-406 Bio fertilizer production technology 09
Module No. 10 No. of Students Total 86